Verengo Solar Announces Partnership With CaliforniaFIRST

Expands Number of Southern California Residents Eligible to Affordable Home-Solar Financing by 40% TORRANCE, CA, Oct 08, 2015 (Marketwired via COMTEX) — Verengo® Solar, Southern California’s leading residential rooftop solar installer, today announced a partnership with CaliforniaFIRST that will increase by 40% the number of Southern California residents eligible for financing for home solar systems…. Read more »


A Better (and cheaper!) way to save on hot water

Looking for an effective way to save on water heating bills? While using low-flow faucets, shortening showers, and properly insulating your water tank are all excellent ways to save on water heating bills (particularly in light of California’s drought conditions), there is another option you may not be considering: solar water heaters. By harnessing the… Read more »


Lawn transformation: From brown to green

Thousand Oaks homeowner Lynn Cutter wanted to do her part to help with California’s drought crisis — and save money at the same time. She started researching her options for desert landscaping and turf replacement after seeing her lawns slowly turn brown due to limits on watering. She selected Green Assessors to do the work… Read more »


Lawn Replacement Timelapse

After four years of a crippling drought and related water restrictions, unsightly brown lawns have become the norm in our state. With options such as drought resistant landscaping and artificial turf, though, homeowners can improve their home’s aesthetics while dramatically reducing water use. Replacing a traditional lawn with drought-tolerant landscaping can significantly reduce water bills… Read more »


The key benefits of offering a contractor network

At CaliforniaFIRST, we believe in the value of partnering with expert, local contractors to complete your water conservation and energy saving upgrades. That’s why we’ve put together a list of top CaliforniaFIRST contractors from all over California that provide a variety of home efficiency services using our financing program. CaliforniaFIRST contractors are reputable, local, flexible,… Read more »


California Legislature: Green tech gets green light

Despite a testy and drawn-out political battle, the new green mandates just approved by state lawmakers — higher efficiency standards for buildings, more reliance on renewable energy — signal good news for the state’s clean-energy industry. The guidelines are expected to draw new investment and jump-start wind and solar projects, benefiting many Bay Area companies…. Read more »